to ensure our security and continuing stability


Violations of any of the following rules may result in applicable restrictions. Admins are given discretion in enforcing these rules as they see fit for the benefit of the site and its community.


Be respectful to your fellow players.
Do not attempt to impersonate other users.
Do not play under an alternate account.
Do not spam or advertise in chat.


Play to the best of your ability.
Promptly arrive in the game server and Mumble voice server once you have been confirmed into a game. You are required to communicate in mumble with your team. Please be respectful to other players in mumble.
Play for the full length of the game and do not leave early.
Do not excessively play roles that you were not drafted to play.
Excessive off-classing or running heavy, engie, pyro, or spy to mid will result in a restriction. Off-classing for more then 30% of the pug could result in a ban.
Please listen to the admins and your teammates. These are semi-serious fun pugs so leaving the trolling in lobbies.
Stop off-classing if members or your team ask you.
Do not play with the intent to ruin a pug or troll.
Do not attempt to gain unfair advantages.
Be friendly to new players! Everyone starts somewhere.